4 Ways To Wear culottes And Look Cool

They are not pants; they are not skirt, but they are the in between. Have you ever wear a pair of culottes?  This throwback fashion item to the 70s era is considered a trend of excitement. Somehow, for many of you, culottes can be awkward to pull off.

As for culottes themselves, the right style is crucial. culottes can easily be unflattering because they can make you look shorter or wider. Hence, find the pair of which the hem ends a few inches above your ankle with streamlined cutting on the sides. Bunching or pockets can add the undesirable bulk. You can also add length to culottes with high heels, or go low key with sneakers, or loafers to create more casual look. Here are our tips on how to find the perfect culottes that works well no matter what occasion.

1. Choose culottes that mimic skirts

With an unusual shape, culottes are known for either making you look frumpy or making you totally stylish. The ultimate way to pull this trend off is to choose culottes with a flowy silhouette that are full in the legs. You can think of culottes like a long maxi skirt with a modern twist.

2. Full, but not bulky

Folds or pleats in the legs are considered details of sophistication. However, watch out when these details creep to the waistline. Too many details at the waist will look bulky, which is precisely not desirable for anyone. Heavily pleated culottes will create the much heavier look. Choose those with slimming effect, featuring a flat front, no pleats or vertical zipper up the middle. Especially in case you are petite, go with slimmer culottes and make sure the length is not so long that they drown your bottom parts.

3. Choose the blouse wisely

It’s usually not easy to know what kind of blouse or sweater to pair up perfectly with such pants that make a huge fashion statement. Of course, the blouse or sweater you choose must have less volume than culottes themselves. This is the way to avoid looking like you are overwhelmed with fabric. In order to make culottes look more sophisticated, you can style them up with a silky blouse with slim and refined silhouette. Otherwise, a button-up cotton shirt could also provide a nice touch of paradox between harder and softer lines of the top and bottom. Cropped sweater that end at the waist can work well in this condition.

4. High heels always help

Because culottes usually stop halfway down your calf, they can be unflattering for making your legs look heavier. Therefore, they need to be paired with high heels to lengthen your legs. The slightest lift can work wonders to elongate your legs, making you look slimmer and taller. Anything from pump high heels to strappy high heels could work very well. Even a lovely pair of kitten high heels are totally fine. Also, remind yourself that culottes highlight your ankles, so you can go a little wild with the footwear and have fun with your high heels.

Even if it might sound not quite believable, you can wear culottes and look cool. The tips to wearing culottes is to pair them with the right blouse. Then, just treat them like a good pair of pants.

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